A selection of articles about my work.


"French artist Fabienne Rivory creates these unusually beautiful images by working with mirrored photographs and watercolor paints. Rivory has been making artwork that blends paint and photography since 2007, a process she likens to the exploration of memory versus reality. Her most recent series titled Miroir is well worth a look."

Christopher Jobson



"French artist Labokoff combines painting and photography with such subtlety that the results bring to mind fragments that are as fleeting as memories or bear the soft edges of the imagination. The use of blocks of colour and a sort of grainy, stained shading with more detailed elements make the essence of each piece seem just barely out of reach. It is definitely worth taking a look at Labokoff's website for a few more moments of daydreaming about the moment your ship sails in, a burst of spring or a quiet walk across a bridge."



""Hues of bright red, lime green and aquatic blue pop out from the black and white images, with thin washes of color that appear like a smokey haze that blends naturally with the rest of the landscape. Focusing on natural surroundings and the reflections caught in peaceful bodies of water, the photography creates a sense of serenity and happiness in the viewer. Fabienne Rivory is a master of the mirrored photography genre and takes her work to the next level with the infusion of intensely saturated pigmentation."



"Fabienne Rivory's 'Miroir' Photos: Watercolor Blends With Photography In Breathtaking Project /.../ Toying with perceptions of reality and the imaginary world, Rivory turns plain black and white images into perfectly accented dreamscapes, with just a dash of carefully placed paint. "



"French photographer and graphic designer, Fabienne has recently opened a website selling prints of his fine art (a combination of photography and painting). Very nice indeed."



" 法國藝術家 Fabienne Rivory 喜歡創造鏡射影像,自 2007 年開始,她在記憶與現實的探索過程中,嘗試將攝影與水彩繪畫結合創造出另一種特別的影像,有如鏡中世界與現實的共同體,她以「鏡射」的概念反應記憶中對事物的情感與現實的對照,加上水彩的點綴更顯夢幻與流動感!畫面取材與她個人的生活記憶有關,多半圍繞在風景、植物和剪影照片中,她的 “ Miroir ” 系列可以說是她近期內傑出的作品之一,非常值得一看!"




"...She merges photography with paint by embellishing her photos with subtle painted motifs like circles, starfish, and swirls. I enjoy seeing France through her eyes, it’s like taking a mini vacation. Muted imagery of the eiffel tower, lazy days along the coastline of Normandy, the calmness of the countryside, it’s all very inspiring. This work gives us a glimpse of the French lifestyle through the eyes of Fabienne, each telling a story as you gaze into them. Go ahead and see for yourself, look closely and use your imagination…"

Holly Becker



"i love these photographs from french graphic designer fabienne of labokoff. the little bursts of red really caught my eye and the price tag makes them perfect for a small hostess gift or special treat for yourself after a long week. click here for more information and to buy."

Grace Bonney



 "It’s not everyday you get see such an seamless blend of two mediums, but French artist Fabienne Rivory has successfully merged the two realms of photography and watercolour into one unified art form. In truth, she’s been creating composite artworks of paint and photography since 2007 but it’s her latest series Miroir that has stood apart from the rest. Her bleak & wintery landscapes are brought to life with a sudden dash of colour that adds a sense of beauty to each subtle scene."





"Artist Fabienne Rivory combines photography, collage, and painting in her work. /.../ Her work doesn’t seem to document places or times as much as it documents a feeling. The bold color of the gouache contrasts against the black and white landscapes, each pulling something out of the scene, each evoking something different."



"Paris, France may be known as the city of lights, love, and the Louvre, but it’s also a canvas for Fabienne, the creative force behind the the Labokoff Store. The Paris-based graphic designer creates her own unique visions of the land she calls home and beyond by combining her love of photography and painting into single pieces. The Labokoff principle delicately introduces subtle flourishes in the form of starfish, swirls, circles, and multi-colored drops of paint to her already arresting images. In employing this artful process she manages to convert everything from Eiffel Tower to the beach at Normandy into a visual (arc de) triumph. Did we mention these dazzling designs are extremely affordable? C’est magnifique"

Josh Spear



"Fabienne Rivory, a French artist, in the series titled ‘Miroir’ paints on mirrored photographs to create minimal but visually stunning art works. The paintings are done in gouache or ink and then are textured digitally giving the images a surreal makeover. The apt use of colours adds strength to the raw photographic images and her edits create a subjective aura around them. Fabienne ensures that the images of landscapes, nature and silhouettes she selects establish an emotional connect and the resulting art works universally evocative."



"L’orizzonte della realtà che si specchia nei riflessi, si evventura tra le brume dei ricordi, diluisce i confini dell’inchiostro e si mescola con le macchie di colore, nutre le esplorazioni fotografiche di Fabienne Rivory.

Un’artista francese con uno stile a dir poco personale, che dal 2007 con il progetto Labokoff, sonda il proprio animo, insieme alle interazioni tra fotografia e pittura, i ricordi e l’arte, le sfumature del reale e quelle dell’immaginario.

riflessi del suo ultimo progetto, il “Miroir” che state guardando, si specchiano in fotografie in bianco e nero, visioni diluite con acquarelli e inchiostri, e un processo digitale capace di trasformare paesaggi fotografici in emozioni con vista, spingendosi oltre l’orizzonte del reale, che vede la Parigi in rosa o il confine tra il cielo e il mare in blu."

Simona Marani



"...Un travail particulièrement réussi qui mélange photographie et peinture : une jeune femme qui signe son oeuvre sous le label Labokoff compose des images fragiles faites d’eau, d’air et d’accords discrets ou fulgurants : des petites photos qui nous parlent d’infini et nous emmènent dans des contrées poétiques et pures. Labokoff recrée un univers limpide avec une économie d’effets. Rien de tapageur dans ce travail, il y a un silence reposant, une écoute bienveillante de ce que la nature nous murmure..."

Cecile Guerard


Ooooh! Mirrored black and white photographs, with what is clearly the perfect amount of brightly-hued watercolor paint. All of these pieces are from a 2013 series, titled Miroir, by Paris based artist Fabienne Rivory. So just to recap… I’m jealous of her lovely work, and I’m jealous that she lives in Paris. Sigh



"Καθώς περιφερόμουνα στα ατέλειωτα , μονοπάτια του Ιnernet, έπεσα επάνω σε ένα site με τίτλο “ Labokoff – La Boutique”. Οι εικόνες που έβλεπα εκεί με συνεπήραν… Απλές, καθημερινές, γνώριμες εικόνες , μα καμωμένες τόσο μαγικά!! Ξαφνικά ένιωσα σα μια μικρή νεράιδα που περιφέρεται στον δικό της ονειρικό κόσμο… Κι αναρωτήθηκα…Είναι όλες αυτές οι εικόνες που με κάνουν και νιώθω έτσι όμορφα; Και συνεχίζοντας την εξερεύνηση, ανακάλυψα πως ο δημιουργός αυτής της περίεργα παράξενης ατμόσφαιρας, που με αιχμαλώτισε τόσο φιλικά, είναι μια νέα , ταλαντούχα και πολύ ευαίσθητη καλλιτέχνιδα – φωτογράφος από το Παρίσι, που ακούει στο όνομα Labokofff… Η Fabienne φωτογραφίζει με ένα τόσο προσωπικό ύφος απλές και καθημερινές εικόνες, για να τις επεξεργαστεί ζωγραφικά στη συνέχεια, με το δικό της μοναδικό τρόπο, λίγο πριν τις τυπώσει σε μεγάλο μέγεθος… Το ευχάριστο όμως ήταν όταν ανακάλυψα πως μπορώ να κάνω κάποιες από αυτές δικές μου, και μάλιστα σε πολύ καλή τιμή!! Για ρίξτε μια ματιά … Νομίζω πως θα ενθουσιαστείτε και σεις όπως ενθουσιάστηκα κι εγώ… Από τη" Μαρία Καψάλη



"Parmi les créateurs d’Etsy, il y a aussi des Français. La petite boutique de Labokoff fait partie de mes préférées...Ces photos “Fleur de violette” et “barrière” sont toutes

nouvelles, il y a d’autres surprises poétiques toutes fraîches dans sa boutique!"

Lily Descazeaux




"It sometimes is nice to look at the big picture and Fabienne of Labokoff out of France has come up with a great way (using little pictures from her fabulous collection of photographs she's taken) to represent each month in his new 2009 calendar (just published)."




"...I heart these gorgeous pictures by french artist and photographer Fabienne of Labokoff, who combines her love of painting and photography to create stunning mixed-media pieces. Her fine art photographic prints are inspired by nature and the beauty around..."



"Part photographs, part painted landscapes, the works by French artist Labokoff in this 11-by-9-inch glossy calendar alternate between scenes of the French countryside and charming snippets of modern-day Paris. "



"Labokoff combines photographs and painting to create fantastic prints like this. It’s amazing how much beautiful art you can find on Etsy for about the same amount you would spend on a crappy poster."

Joe Lazarus



"El fotógrafo y diseñador gráfico francés, Fabienne ha inaugurado recientemente un sitio web con tienda online incuída en donde se pueden comprar copias de sus obras de arte (una combinación de fotografía y pintura). Muy bonito."



"...To me, I feel like it's what you see when you have a memory. You know, those images in your head never seem really clear, they always seem a bit dreamy looking. So seeing these images on a canvas, makes me have fuzzy feelings inside. I feel like I'm looking right at someones memories...."



""...They’re really pretty! I love the muted colors and the way the prints are segmented."



"De Franse kunstenaar Fabienne Rivory maakt een mooie mix van fotografie en schilderkunst. Ze bewerkt foto’s door bepaalde delen te spiegelen en daarna voegt ze waterverf toe. Dat resulteert in beelden die lijken op een droom"



"巴黎 镜影像 法国艺术家Fabienne Rivory 创作了许多摄影与水彩绘画结合的镜像 影像,画面题材多半源自Fabienne 个人生活的场景、植物和人物剪影。 在最新系列的作品《镜子》中,浅浅淡淡的水彩点睛地为相片附着了 水墨画的古典色彩,还不乏迷蒙的梦境感。"

Lohas Magazine (China)